The Value of Social Media To Increase Event Registrations

Increase Event Registrations

Increase Event Registrations

Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful promotional tools for events. Event organisers are acutely aware that people largely discover and decide to attend events based on a friend’s or a colleagues’ recommendation, and today’s social media phenomenon has only intensified, amplified, and accelerated this truth.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn serve as primary pathways for people to spread the word to their networks—from the moment they consider buying a ticket to long after the event is over and pictures have been posted for the world to see.

But unlike word of mouth, social media can be measured, and if applied correctly, can turn into a highly effective promotional and distribution source for organisers that will help increase your event registrations.

Backed by research

Over the last few years, Eventbrite has studied the real, quantifiable impact of “social sharing” for events.

We have analysed our data to understand where social media is most powerful for driving event attendance and revenue, and will share these results in this report.

Based on our findings, we have included the best ways to leverage social media before, during and after your event.

We have also incorporated a comprehensive explanation of other effective marketing tools that work together with social media to take your event marketing to greater heights.

What you’ll learn:

  • The different features of each platform and how to determine which platforms are best for you.
  • How to get started, establish a presence and engage your audience through social media.
  • Tips, tricks and tools to harness the power of social media!

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