Royal Institution of Great Britain

How The Royal Institution Brings Science To Life

We spoke with Martin Davies, Public Programme Manager at the Royal Institution on how the Royal Institution continues to grow in popularity.
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Behind The Scenes With Balerno Village Screen

Balerno Village Screen

Take a peak at what it takes to put on the community cinema Balerno Village Screen events from promotion to on-the-day organisation.
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How To Use Media Partnerships To Sell Out Your Event & Grow Your Social Status


How to use media partnerships to promote your event, increase ticket sales and boost your social status.
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An Easier Way To Manage Your Event Speakers

Event Speaker Handbook Template

A useful tool that helps speakers and organisers stay on the same page and promotes a smooth, hassle free event!
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10 ’90s TV Characters That Would Make Great Event Organisers


Take a quick trip down ’90s nostalgia lane as we pick some great TV characters from the decade who we think could have been top event organisers too.
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The Future of Fundraisers and the Strategies Never to Ignore


Learn from ElevateDC speaker Tara de Nicolas on how trying new things, experimenting with different platforms, and adopting new technologies can help blow your fundraising goals out of the water.
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