Sell More Tickets

Sell More Tickets With Your Personal Network

Want to sell more tickets to your upcoming event? Friends and family can be a powerful but often overlooked way to help. Here’s our guide on how they can get involved.
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Can and Should 365-Day Conferences Be A Thing?

365-Day Conferences

Why conferences can and should try to build active communities and content around their events 365-days a year, with 10 ideas on how to do it.
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Events For Causes: How Design Council Are Helping People Get #ActiveByDesign

Events for causes

Can events change the way we live? The Design Council thinks so, and their first one-day interactive Summit for #ActiveByDesign aims to lead the way.
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How to Plan a Product Launch Event

Event product launch

Use these tips to plan a memorable product launch event and put your product on track for increased sales.
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Shake Up Your Event Marketing To Avoid Diminishing Returns


Learn how can stop repeating the same old marketing tactics, and see some real improvements in attendance at your events.
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Ideas and Inspiration for Event Organisers in September

Ideas and Inspiration for event organisers in September

September is associated with heading back to work or school, so why not make this a month for learning new things?
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