Shake Up Your Event Marketing To Avoid Diminishing Returns

Learn how can stop repeating the same old marketing tactics, and see some real improvements in attendance at your events.
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5 Ways to Get More Value From Your Free Event

Whether your goal is to create awareness or simply gather your community, here are a few strategies you can implement to plan your event more efficiently and reach your goals.
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Webinar: A Guide to Organising Your First Event

Event Management Checklist Webinar

From crafting the perfect event value proposition to finding a venue, setting a budget and promoting your event, we’re going to run through 11 key steps to organising your first successful event.
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Get Involved With National Events Month This October #NEMO


Find out how you can get involved with, and support, National Events Month this October (#NEMO).
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Picking the Right Venue for Your Event

Picking the right venue

Guest author George Taylor shows how you can find that perfect venue for your next event, and dial down the associated stress along the way.
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10 Top Tips for an Excellent Expo

Exhibition Best Practices

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Moneypenny to create this 10-step guide that will help you extract the most value possible from your next exhibition.
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