Event Management Checklist Webinar

Webinar: A Guide to Organising Your First Event

From crafting the perfect event value proposition to finding a venue, setting a budget and promoting your event, we’re going to run through 11 key steps to organising your first successful event.
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5 Free Event Marketing Tactics You Can Do This Week

Free Event Marketing Tactics

Check out these five free event marketing ideas you can work on this week.

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How a Conference Could Have Saved Kodak

Conferences Inspire Ideas

Great conferences foster big thinking, new ideas and help busy executives connect the dots – all benefits that could have helped save Kodak.
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3 Best Practice Tips For Successfully Promoting Your Event Online

Promote your event online

Would you benefit from having more people registered for your event? Then check out these tips for selling more tickets online!
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Ideas and Inspiration for Event Organisers in August


August is a great time to reflect on what matters most to your events, then figure out how to measure those metrics, the first step to improvement.
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10 Steps To Growing Your Fitness Business

Grow Your Fitness Business Britepaper

A simple guide to growing your fitness business through sold-out classes and happy clients.
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