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Best Social Media Tools for Promoting Your Conference

Our favourite social media tools and platforms for promoting your conference.
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Is Your Conference Ready to Become an Industry Giant?


Are you ready to make the leap and take your conference to the next level?
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How to Work with Your Speakers for Increased Event Awareness

Get Speakers to Promote Your Event

Get your speakers to talk about your event, without them feeling that it’s all a one-way street.
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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Running A Successful Hackathon


We talk to leading organisers about what makes for a successful hackathon, how to stand out, and what the future holds for this kind of event.
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Sourcing Speakers for Your Next Conference


Five steps to sourcing top notch speakers for your next conference.
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Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Organising a Conference


Organising a conference? Enjoy over 5 weeks of daily tips, tricks and guides to success!
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