Eventbrite Endurance Race

This Is What It’s Like To Run A 100-Mile Endurance Race In One Day

What’s it like to run a 100 mile endurance race in less than 24 hours, including through the remnants of Hurricane Bertha? Watch this video to find out!
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Event Founders Interview Series: Crafty Fox Market

Event Founders Series - Crafty Fox Market

An interview with Sinead Koehler, founder of Crafty Fox Market, on how she developed her idea, building a trusted brand, and her advice to new event organisers.
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Brite Space Dublin: A Q&A With Kelly Crowley, Corporate & Events Fundraising Manager, Dublin Simon Community

Brite Space Dublin Kelly Crowley

An interview with Kelly Crowley, Corporate & Events Fundraising Manager at Dublin Simon Community on her favourite events and advice for aspiring organisers.
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Presentations from Event Marketing for Startups

Event Marketing for Startups

Missed our sellout event with General Assembly? Fear not! You can see all the presentations from ‘Event Marketing for Startups’ here.
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6 Steps To A Better Blog That Builds a Loyal Event Following


Follow these 6 steps to quickly and easily keep your blog full of amazing content and build a loyal event following.
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How To Implement Successful Event Marketing Partnerships

Event Marketing Partnerships

Liz Elfman, General Assembly’s London Marketing Director, explains how you can use event marketing partnerships to drive attendance, and the pitfalls to avoid.
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